This might just be my new favourite retro games commercial

There’s something quite endearing (and, let’s be honest, here, deeply nostalgic) about old videogame commercials. But this one just about tops them all.

It’s such a product of not only its culture but also absolutely its time. It just looks so very particularly late 70s/early 80s. The first series of G&W hit in 1980, so that totally makes sense:

That jingle is a total earworm, too. I dare you to not be at least humming “Game Watch… Game Watch” for the rest of the day.

Oh, what the hey. Have the dual screens ads as well, just because.

All this advertising is making me tempted to chase down some G&W units. Then I look at the eBay prices, and realise I need to eat food this month, and back away quietly. They’ve come a long way from that 5,800 Yen starting price…

Retro recollections are just random musings on retro subjects, usually whatever I’m playing at the moment.

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