Amazon’s Australian launch and Telstra phone scams: Vertical Hold Episode 154

Amazon had a launch party, but who got invited? Why is Telstra imitating the tactics used by identity scammers, and what impact will the US Net Neutrality debate have in Australia? All this and more in the latest episode!

We’re joined this week by editor Angus Kidman to go behind the headlines of the tech news stories of the week. Nothing was bigger this week than Amazon’s Australian launch… except that for most folks, it was just an excuse to see the Kindle titles that were already on sale! Meanwhile, Adam’s getting (rightfully) cranky with Telstra, and over in the USA, they’re pondering changes to Net Neutrality that could affect Australian based web users.

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Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News – podcast hosts @adam_turner and @alexkidman speak to Australia’s leading technology journalists every Friday to get the stories behind the tech news of the week.

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