Megaman Hoodie Review: How bad can it be for a buck?

I don’t usually review clothing items. Then again, how bad could a Megaman hoodie be for only a dollar?

Australian gamers are no doubt aware of EB Games, the country’s largest specialist games retailer. You can’t really ignore them, if only for the seemingly endless array of exceptionally red sales they run all but endlessly. It’s apparently hell to work those sales, but roll on they do.

EB Games also has its pop culture wing, trading under the brand name of Zing Pop Culture. Some locations share the same retail space as EB Games, while others operate in separate Zing-branded stores. Zing Pop Culture’s stock in trade, as the name suggests, is pop culture collectibles, gifts, board games, graphic novels and endless rows of Funko Pop Vinyls.

Hmm. I wonder how biodegradable Pop Vinyls are? Millions of years from now, will archeologists of the future dust off the fragments of long decayed books, only to find perfectly preserved Minion vinyls underneath?

They survive under this hydraulic press way better than you’d think. Mere time will not diminish them.

But I digress…

Just as its parent stores love a heavily hyped sale, so too does Zing. Recently it held a clearout of items that, rather obviously, weren’t selling. I took the opportunity to grab a few bits and pieces, including a few new T-Shirts, when I spotted an item in their sale listing that took me by surprise.

That… couldn’t be the right price, could it? A Megaman Hoodie, marked down from $58.90 to just one single (rather red) dollar?

Frankly, for a dollar for a simple hoodie, I figured I couldn’t possibly lose.

It was slightly annoying to find another item (A Super Mario star scarf) that I’d ordered in the same sale suddenly “out of stock”. So instead I was shipped a $1.48 gift card. I’ll try not to spend that all at once, Zing.

Still, the Megaman hoodie did indeed arrive, and it’s… special.

For a start, it was indeed rather especially marked down. Here’s what Zing originally wanted for it. You can see that they’d already tried to sell it for less than original retail price to no avail.

In case you’re unaware of what MegaMan (or RockMan if you’re fond of the Japanese original, although this bears a MegaMan logo, so it’s definitely the former) looks like, here’s a quick reminder.

He makes it look good. Timeless, even.

And then this is what it looks like on me.

With this look, I'm not sure if I should be taking on Dr Wily, or going into battle against G.I. Joe.
With this look, I’m not sure if I should be taking on Dr Wily, or going into battle against G.I. Joe.

Yeah. I have a relatively low public embarrassment threshold (as this photo shows) but I’m not super-likely to wear this out all that often, even though it is suitably warm.

It’s also a really weird fit. While it’s a medium size, and it’s snug around my sides (as I’d expect) that hood is huge. Huge┬áto the level where with the right dye job I could pretend it was an Assassin’s Creed hoodie instead.

Before you rush out to the shops in a stampede, however, I feel I should point out that your odds of scoring a similar hoodie for just $1 seem low.

EB Games/Zing says it’s sold out by now. ThinkGeek do sell a Megaman hoodie, theirs appears to go all out ridiculous, with a soft mohawk-like stripe up the top.

Anyone got one of those they’d care to compare to mine?

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