How to Keep Your Smartphone Data Secure?

Smartphones have changed the way we live our life. Can you remember those good old days when you manually browsed through hundreds of pages of Yellow pages to find the contact number and address of a specific business entity? Can you remember those days when you used to spend day after day waiting to receive an important business letter?

The innovation called smartphone has eliminated the need to carry multiple devices wherever we go. It has made our life really easy with the features of internet connectivity, email access, gaming for leisure and entertainment etc. We all have become so habituated with smartphones these days that we can’t think of ourselves without it even for a moment. To keep this precious piece of machine safe we must put some effort and implement some necessary steps. This article is an attempt to explore that area.

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The wonderful thing called VPN

A VPN works like a strong security layer which protects all the online activities carried out via your smartphone. The medium of the internet is like an unprotected digital jungle. When you enter into that jungle with your smartphone and carry out various activities involving personal data transfer they become objects of desire for all the hackers. If you do not use a VPN service to protect your smartphone against the cruel attacks from such hackers, then you will soon face a mountain of miseries. But when you use a quality VPN service or app, it hides the actual identity of your smartphone and your geographical location. This is enough to shoo away all the identity thieves and data hackers.

Options from the world of VPN

The top five candidates which work fabulously to protect your smartphone are Hidemyass, VyprVPN, IPvanish, ExpressVPN, and StrongVPN. ExpressVPN costs $8.32 per month while Hidemyass VPN service is available at $6.55 per month. On the other hand, IPVanish is a bit higher priced at $10 per month. You can opt for StrongVPN at $21 for 3 months and VyprVPN at $14.95 per month which is again higher priced. Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages.


As we mentioned before, smartphones have become a part of our daily life. And many of us it for bill payment, and other transactions. In such a case using the Internet without a VPN is not so secure.  We have explained to you with the importance of VPN and how it can be used to keep your smartphone data secure.

How to Install and Setup AirDroid 2 beta for Android?

AirDroid can be used for accessing an Android device remotely without any cables. It allows you to wirelessly transfer files, update contacts, manage ring-tones and much more. To get more benefits, there is version 2 of AirDroid now available which is really better as compared to the previous one because that was only limited to the Wi-Fi networks but this version works both on Wi-Fi and Internet networks.

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Also, there are some additional features such as remote camera management and a phone detector. Now, you can get the services which is available in this software. You need to follow some basic step mentioned below to download and install the beta version of AirDroid 2.

How to Install and Setup AirDroid 2 beta for Android?

1. Since this software is not available in Google Store, so you need to download it from an external source and for that you have to permit the installation of applications from anonymous sources. Now, you have to select the “settings” and then select “security” and then select the box of “unknown sources”. After you are done with the installation part, you can always return and reselect it.

2. Now, you can go to after starting and launching the web browser on the android device, after which the APK file will get downloaded to the android device. In case, you are getting any sort of warning or massage while downloading the file then please remember to permit the downloading of the file.

3. Now, you have to go to the downloads section in the device and tap the file android_v2.apk that will install AirDroid 2 or you have to install it by choosing it from the notification tab.

4. Now, you have to start the software AirDroid 2 beta and then select the “Register” or “Sign in” button. In case, you did not notice the screen and ran past it, then you can always tap on the user icon which is present in the right hand side on the upper corner to bring back the sign in or registration screen.

5. You can easily register or sign up by any of your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Now you have to enter your email address and password to get started.

6. Now, you can start AirDroid 2 and then enter the address from your app to the computer system’s web browser. From here onwards, whenever you launch AirDroid, you will be rendered the address by default. So that, you have to make use of your registration information to get logged into In case, you are connected on a wireless network then you can use local IP address instead of that. But, in that scenario you will be put in the lite mode.


AirDroid is really an useful application that will prove to be fruitful and in handy in various situations. However, always notice that the app is still working in its beta version so it may show some bizarre behavior, but still it is great to use. If you have any queries, kindly do let us know via the below comments box.